Maria Beaulieu

Enhydro Quartz Pendant (Pendant Only)

This Maria Beauleau pendant features an 18k yellow gold bezeled rock crystal Enhydro quartz “Bubble” amulet with 2 small bubbles. 

The word enhydrous has Greek origins meaning "having water within". Enhydro's contain water purified by hundreds of thousands of years of geological time, having a soothing, grounding energy that will unite you with the power of each stone. You just have to hold one of these special “Bubble” pendants to feel the mesmerizing, meditative energy.

Pendant measures 27 x 29mm. 

Chain sold separately.

Handcrafted in Brooklyn, New York.

$ 2,800.00

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Maria Beaulieu

Enhydro Quartz Pendant (Pendant Only)

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